Rain, and light art



My day today started off with some weird dreams about college. Nothing really worth explaining other than the use of noting the fact I’m moving back on Saturday. After I finally got up I went for a ride in the rain to get some food from the store. I initially thought the rain was going to be light so I didn’t worry, but I still brought a poncho. The ride there was nice with only a little mist but after I bought my breakfast the heavens opened up and dropped sheets of rain. Despite the cold it was a nice refreshing ride. The rest of the day I tried to search for a good baking recipe which turned up nothing great. Once my mom got home from a gardening class we went out on the town and got my new glasses so writing this post it in HD. This brings us to the pictures above which are the long exposure setting on the camera, or just light art. I successfully did a heart and my name which look nice. Over today was a good one, can’t really complain!

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