Ramble on

I very much enjoy eating food. A fact that if you, the reader, would like to test be my guest. Fortunately that’s what the family did today for a “late lunch”. We went to Papa’s seafood, a good establishment for those of us are hungry, and had some good eats. I haven’t done a blog post for three days so I’ll fill you in on my past three days. Not much unfortunately just been goofing around enjoying the holidays. But who says this has to be about what my day was, my blog, my rules, right? I can just ramble if i feel like it, so here I go. For a while I’ve been trying to think up something to do with my audio video equipment so I’ve decided to do a podcast. I’m not sure what it will be about probably just anything that is on my mind. It might even take place of typing text, but lets not get ambitious. I’ll blog about the status of said podcast as it gets more formulated and it might not happen I just wanted to state that for the world so I might get some feedback on the idea, who knows. Also I find it necessary to say that I am going to stop relying on my phone for time telling. It may be strange but i feel like it would help me in my life if I don’t look at my phone for the time. This idea comes from something I realized in the past few blogless days. I would look for the time see a text read the text respond then miss important stuff (all with no comma’s because I’m a fantastic writer). So I think I can focus a little more with wearing a watch. So that’s just some stuff on my mind there’s loads more but nothing really worth putting on a public blog. So there it is my 300 word ramble for today.

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