Road trip.


Today, my friend Shannon, her boyfriend Angel, my brother Cole, and I, all went on a brief road trip to nacogdoches for some geocaching. The day started out with Cole painting, and me cleaning the bathroom, which in my opinion looks really well cleaned, but I digress. Shannon and company arrived at 10:00am and we hit the road. Once we got on the interstate angel decided he wanted coffee so we took an unsuccessful trip through the set of Texas chainsaw massacre to find that there was no Starbucks in the woods. We left the creepy woods and drove to nacogdoches where we met Sarah, Cole’s girlfriend, and went geocaching. We found five geocaches, the best of which, was a microcache that was on a nature preserve in nacogdoches (pictured above). Over all the day was a success and I was glad I got to go. Today was a good day!

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