WOW, it’s 2016 and I think I should post on here. I have a podcast now so look it up on the Youtubes under┬áSeven Dollar Podcast, Twitter @sevendollarpod and Instagram under Seven_Dollar_Podcast. Episode one is up now so watch that and share with three of your friends. I’d like to say that this is my personal, public page if that makes sense so I will only mention my podcast but not really talk about stuff from that here. So, yeah, welcome to The Kyle Cave, enjoy…

Rain, and light art



My day today started off with some weird dreams about college. Nothing really worth explaining other than the use of noting the fact I’m moving back on Saturday. After I finally got up I went for a ride in the rain to get some food from the store. I initially thought the rain was going to be light so I didn’t worry, but I still brought a poncho. The ride there was nice with only a little mist but after I bought my breakfast the heavens opened up and dropped sheets of rain. Despite the cold it was a nice refreshing ride. The rest of the day I tried to search for a good baking recipe which turned up nothing great. Once my mom got home from a gardening class we went out on the town and got my new glasses so writing this post it in HD. This brings us to the pictures above which are the long exposure setting on the camera, or just light art. I successfully did a heart and my name which look nice. Over today was a good one, can’t really complain!

Ramble on

I very much enjoy eating food. A fact that if you, the reader, would like to test be my guest. Fortunately that’s what the family did today for a “late lunch”. We went to Papa’s seafood, a good establishment for those of us are hungry, and had some good eats. I haven’t done a blog post for three days so I’ll fill you in on my past three days. Not much unfortunately just been goofing around enjoying the holidays. But who says this has to be about what my day was, my blog, my rules, right? I can just ramble if i feel like it, so here I go. For a while I’ve been trying to think up something to do with my audio video equipment so I’ve decided to do a podcast. I’m not sure what it will be about probably just anything that is on my mind. It might even take place of typing text, but lets not get ambitious. I’ll blog about the status of said podcast as it gets more formulated and it might not happen I just wanted to state that for the world so I might get some feedback on the idea, who knows. Also I find it necessary to say that I am going to stop relying on my phone for time telling. It may be strange but i feel like it would help me in my life if I don’t look at my phone for the time. This idea comes from something I realized in the past few blogless days. I would look for the time see a text read the text respond┬áthen miss important stuff (all with no comma’s because I’m a fantastic writer). So I think I can focus a little more with wearing a watch. So that’s just some stuff on my mind there’s loads more but nothing really worth putting on a public blog. So there it is my 300 word ramble for today.


Well folks Christmas (for me) has come to a close! It’s was a good year with my little brother getting his very own, and hand made by my Stepdad, work bench. As for me I received a brand spanking new electric ukulele which I can play at church for the service! Along with my new axe I got some new shoes and a $50 amazon gift card. Using my college status I got free amazon prime which I used to buy new guitar strings for free! I’ll add since I feel like I’m bragging about gifts I feel like it’s good to mention Christmas is about the reason for the season, the birth of Jesus. It’s interesting to me how on the birthday of God’s son everyone else gets gifts, the guy never stops giving. But all in all Christmas is a good time to come together with family, get good eats and gifts, and remember the best gift of all Jesus Christ.

Road trip.


Today, my friend Shannon, her boyfriend Angel, my brother Cole, and I, all went on a brief road trip to nacogdoches for some geocaching. The day started out with Cole painting, and me cleaning the bathroom, which in my opinion looks really well cleaned, but I digress. Shannon and company arrived at 10:00am and we hit the road. Once we got on the interstate angel decided he wanted coffee so we took an unsuccessful trip through the set of Texas chainsaw massacre to find that there was no Starbucks in the woods. We left the creepy woods and drove to nacogdoches where we met Sarah, Cole’s girlfriend, and went geocaching. We found five geocaches, the best of which, was a microcache that was on a nature preserve in nacogdoches (pictured above). Over all the day was a success and I was glad I got to go. Today was a good day!